#020: Real Life – School

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Welp. I sat back the other night and flipped the old television on. Beverly Hills 90210 assaulted my senses and I realized it was one of the first season episodes. Heh. I changed the channel in under 5 seconds and started my usual grazing process. Flipping through each channel, one by one, going up and past channel 62, back around to channel 2. I gradually got back around to BH and thought about it a sec. I had always hated the show but I actually gave a thought about the show for a sec. I also thought about the other show, Class of ’96, and how well it does, and the advertising for it that I had heard.

We have two shows here, one that went so many seasons, and another that is supposed to go for 4 years or about that long. Both have/had a huge base of watchers each week. They are two of the most popular shows on TV among the teens. Many of the younger people actually think high school and college is actually like that no doubt. Perfect little society, storybook romances, emotional triumphs, and an occasional sad time or two.

They are all bullshit yet they make tons of money, and pollute the minds of millions of kids each episode. So, this file is to make a few people aware of the real shit that goes on. I guess this file is geared toward a younger reading crowd, that hasn’t experienced either high school or college. For reference, I have attended two high schools(both quite different), one in South Carolina, and one in New Mexico. I have attended Texas Tech University for about 2 years(7 semesters), including summer sessions. I think I have a decent concept of what school is really like.


What a wonderful high school, located in one of the wealthiest areas of America. The show always opens up with a view of a beautiful high school, in perfect repair, with perfect people spread all around, talking and smiling and having a grand old time. Classes are easy, people are friendly, and free time is abundant.

Lessee. My first high school was Irmo High, located in Irmo (suburb of Columbia) South Carolina. The school was pretty old, and was in the middle of some really rich neighborhoods, and some really poor neighborhoods. I would guess it was almost 50% white/50% black, but I am not sure. It was/is considered one of the nicer high schools in the greater Columbia area. Fights happened about one a day, a major incident with a weapon occurred once a week, and things like vandalism and such were an hourly occurrence. Cliques were abundant at that school, and they never interreacted unless they had to. Many people kept to themselves, and staring at someone too long was often times a prelude to a fight.

Each morning over half the school rode the bus, not in 15 thousand dollar cars. We got there, and went to our classes, a third of which were in small trailers called portables. Near the summer, the temperature was often times around 85 or 90 degrees, with 85% or so humidity, and classes inside those trailers were living hell. In-between classes we went to the cafeteria or outside to concrete slabs to eat our lunch, and looked at brick walls, and sometimes the trees across the railroad tracks. Two or three teachers and security roamed the area during lunch to break up any fights that might break out.

Class let out around 3:30 in the afternoon, and the nearest mall was about 20 minutes away. But you didn’t want to go there. Hanging out there got you kicked out. No money, no mall. Overall it was a school that was sort of lacking. People could be friendly enough, but it was rare.

My second high school was La Cueva High School, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was located in the richest part of town, and was the newest high school. I graduated during its fifth year. The school was often times mistaken for a shopping mall, no shit, and money wasn’t much of a problem for the school. The original plans of the school called for a McDonalds to be located in it, but instead, a snack bar went in that served a wider variety of food.

The school was primarily white. I think there were a total of 15 black people at the school and about as many with Mexican/Spanish blood. The school had a total of 1500+ people attending class at any given time. My graduating class was 470 or so. I moved in, and started school halfway through my sophomore year. When I attended, they were in “phase II” of the building, and the later 3 phases called for a swimming pool, outdoor stadium, and a second gym.

Typically, the people that went there were rich, sons/daughters of rich people in town. I figured it would be a much better school but I found myself to be wrong. I was new to class, and everyone knew it. Instead of friendly ‘hellos’ and stuff, I just received disinterested stares. The fact that I came from a state halfway across the country didn’t interest any of them in the least. I made a small effort to meet people but it was hard. Cliques were even tighter, and there were twice as many of them. In the concourse at lunch, small groups would eat their lunch and talk, and rarely venture out of their groups. After two months of attending class, someone actually came up, sat down beside me, and said “you are new here right? mind if I join you?”. I quickly said that was cool and looked at the guy. About 6’6″, long hair, Megadeth shirt, ripped jeans, and a reputation of having more drugs than a pharmacist. No shit.

In three months, I had one person offer to eat lunch with me. That is all. About that time I was approached by the manager of the snack bar and offered a job there. So for the next two years I worked for an hour before school, an hour during lunch, and an hour after school. No prob. A little extra money and free food for lunch.

Graduation came, and I imagine I knew about 50% of the class by name, and even fewer personally. I knew more ‘of’ them than anything. Sorta dull, but the truth.

This shit on 90210 with a class saying they won’t graduate because the school is holding one person back is so ridiculous. The money there, and the general comradery portrays it a place of absolute friendship, and the perfect living place. -Bullshit- . Enough said.

Class of ’96

First, this show advertised in our area, as being a show that would bring back memories in all the college graduates of past. Heh. This takes place in an Ivy league school, and they expect it to remind people of all their college times? Yeah right. We are introduced to like 7 or 8 people, and they quickly become friends. They are roommates, and are instant friends for life. Classes are hard but well rewarding. Each class teaches them something totally new to them. The life outside of college is that of perfect harmony. No problems, little worry, and a lot of good times.

Notice how they don’t really say their majors? If they did I missed it and then I would have to say they are bullshit. Any declared major is more work than what they show. For all of one semester I was a dual major, Architecture/Civil Engineering. After that, I dropped to architecture by itself, and after 4 more semesters of that alone, I switched to English.

If you wonder why, it wasn’t so much because the classes were hard, I just thought some of the classes were total bullshit is all. That is the thing about college. There is so much review work, in the middle of new stuff that it is hard to get it all down. Classes take a lot more time and don’t leave quite as much time for messing around as they would leave you to believe.

Next. Notice how they all go to the local bar/pool hall and get some beers here and there? How old are they? All over 21? All I know is I have gone to school for 7 semesters now, and I still haven’t legally bought any beer. I can get it and all, but at a bar I have to have a friend buy it for me. Also, notice how they never leave campus it seems? I am hardly ever on campus unless I am at class. Even when I lived in the dorms, I tried to get out of them as much as I could.

My two roommates I had, I hated. The first was tolerable when he wasn’t around. The other, was outright stupid. We didn’t get along at all. Most of the people I lived near, were the same way. Just didn’t get along.

I guess my major problem with this stupid show, is if they are trying to bring back memories, and show what college is like, then shouldn’t it be at a regular university? Ivy league school are quite different.


So in conclusion. Don’t believe the hype. They are bullshit shows that aren’t close to the truth. If you are in high school or college then you probably know what I am talking about. If you don’t, and you are about to attend either, then don’t let shows like that have ANY influence on you if you can help it. Shows like that should have a disclaimer I think.

The following program is not even close to real life. Sit back and enjoy the show while we make a killing.

Don’t believe the hype.

#019: Posting

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Post on The Lame List? YESSSS!


Lame. BBSing these days. Is it just me or has it become an honest waste of time? I used to sit around calling all the local boards faithfully, putting hours of work into them, and hoping they would become good boards. I would advertise on other boards, post on almost every sub, UL files, and other shit like that. I was always big on posting though. A good board to me was a board that had a lot of good quality posts. Files didn’t matter much to me and they still don’t. I have the files I need and jillions of files don’t mean a good board right off. Games got pointless really quick. The good games you play a lot, get good at, then get tired of because you win all the time. That happened to me in TradeWars. Now I don’t play any onliners. Except one actually and that is called Immortal Struggle. Anyway, so that leaves only one other thing on a board basically. Posting. Some people don’t get into posting near as much as others for some reason, but most don’t know what they are missing. What is the purpose of posting anymore some people ask. You post to the same people over and over and talk about everything. Not really. There is always a significant number of new BBSers, and a significant number of older people leaving so the turnaround rate is big enough to allow new conversation all the time.

Sub topics. Each board that I am on, there are the typical subs. Anonymous, ‘real name’, and a few others that each sysop seems to put on his/her board. Sure they generate the posts but they are usually lame posts not worth reading. Other boards have specific topics and the sysop jumps down the throat of anyone who doesn’t stay on topic. That isn’t the answer. Some of the best posting subs have names that are irrelevant, but keep up good posting. People see a place where anything can be posted here, and run with it. These are the subs that usually generate really good posts, about a number of topics, and are well worth reading.

Nets. Locally we have WWIVnet, Virtualnet, and a few others. The others are the underground nets that seem to be worth reading all the time. But with so many BBSers that don’t know about stuff around here, very few have access to them. So that leaves WWIVnet and stuff. WWIVnet is sorta cool but many lamers occupy it. Lot of people that only know about one kind of board, call out little, and are hit with a bunch of bullshit rumors about other topics so they don’t know a lot about shit. For example, on one sub, we are talking about viruses, and most of the people on there are so misinformed it isn’t funny. They stereotype people, label people for little or a lame reason etc. The underground nets that do come through here are the only reason I call locally anymore. Since I have started reading them I am making an effort to get more through here.

Posting locally. How do you improve it? I have no idea. Seems all the “Christmas” modemers have infested the BBSing scene and made it go downhill. Ignore the terms ‘elite’ and ‘newbie’ and it still breaks down to just that you have the older people that know what BBSing should be like, and the, new people that think this is all there is to it, and are content to go with it. They don’t realize that it used to be hundreds of times better than this. Even if you hate the terms, you have your ‘newbies’ that come in, post a message with total bullshit in the middle of a good sub, then two days later figure out how to read what is on that sub. They know nothing of posting etiquette, nothing of who else is posting with them, and many times will just jump in with an attitude of “I know what I am doing”.

Thing to think about is how to fix it. One thing that helps, is sysops point out some of these things to new users. Tell them to DL files that help them out. They are out there, text files that tell about abbreviations, signs, and etiquette. Seems sysops these days just want users on their boards, and don’t care about the quality of a user.

Bah. I don’t know where this is coming from. Probably coming from my long distance bill as that is the only place I can call to find good posting like the old days. I know the old days to me are just a couple of years ago but even back then, it was cool to BBS. Always interesting new posts on many subs, and taking 30 minutes to read the new posts on a board was nothing. Now, if you spend more than 5 minutes on, you must be doing a file transfer or playing a game or something else.

If you are reading this, then try to do something about it. Change the way you post and then try to change the way other people post. I don’t mean to change what they are saying, or whatnot, but to help out others and make sure more quality posts get posted. Nothing should be wrong with giving friendly reminders that a post is stupid and nothing should be wrong with deleting pointless posts.

ho hum. You get the point of this I hope. And I hope you will do something about it. Start with yourselves. That is all there is to it.

#018: Zany Fedz!

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Those zany feds. This is just a small file that insults our lovely government, and in particular, the secret service. And to be more precise, the SS that deal with computers, investigating piracy, and fraud, and whatnot. The more you look at them, and the more you hear about them, the more you have to question them.

First, I live in Lubbock. Texas, for those of you that have never heard of it. This is a town of 250,000 or so people. The BBSing scene here is pretty big considering the amount of people, and the intelligence around here. We have a federal building with a SS office, with 4 agents employed and working there. Their job, is to investigate many things, and among them local BBSs. Second, the BBSing scene here is really laid back. Almost all boards use handles, don’t require real info(many tell you not to use real info), and almost none do voice validation. Quite different from most other towns/cities. Third, many of the BBSers around here know each other. They are often times friends, have met, chat on subs or whatever. There are around 30 boards at any given time, and despite the numbers, most people that BBS frequently will know/recognize other handles. If a new handle pops up, then it is quite obvious that it is a new person. Each month the BBSers meet at a local place and have lunch, introduce themselves, and chat. (that is for later reference)

Enough background. Ok. So the SS here decide they will stick their nose in the BBS scene. Quietly at first. A handle pops up on a board, doesn’t post a message, doesn’t mail anyone except the sysop. Through friends, the sysop finds out this is a SS agent. The handle itself is a slight giveaway, a nickname of a federal agent in a movie. No big deal, and most people don’t know all this anyway. Next, the feds decide to set up a BBS. A BBS comes up. The sysop, and co-sysop are unknown to the BBSing community. The board had a 9600 baud modem(rare at the time), a CD Rom(Real rare at the time), a perfectly modded and registered BBS package, eight registered doors, and various other little stuff that clued people in. They had the ANTIFED.TXT as a disclaimer in their newuser login sequence. Any mail regarding warez, asking about them, who they were, etc., were not answered. Any mail sent on Friday night, would not get answered to Monday morning usually(federal hours) and on each Monday, the sysop posted an excuse explaining why mail didn’t get answered. A few of the local BBSers decided to find out who these people were, so they checked all the local boards, and did some other stuff. Basically, the sysop was only on one other board, and that account had not been active for months, the number was unlisted, and when checked, was found to be registered to a kid known to have had trouble with the law. At the monthly BBS lunch, two kids show up a little late and one says “We’re from Zog” (the name of the board was Planet Zog). They didn’t introduce themselves individually like everyone else. They left early and weren’t seen again. So people thought about it, and came to the conclusion this was a fed board. So all the people that called(very few) started posting things like “fedz suck” and other stuff like that. They posted ads for boards with “2 gigs of warez” and “more codez than you can shake a stick at”. The whole time, the sysops never played the games, never posted, and barely answered mail about anything. Mail was sent to them saying “I can get you warez” and other such stuff and that mail was ignored. They didn’t say “sure” or “not interested” but just ignored it.

The point of it you ask? What the hell is their problem? I mean, you have a group of people that are not very knowledgeable about computers (will tell more about that later), that come into town, and expect to bust people that easy? There are people here that have been BBSing for 8+ years, copying “warez”, exchanging k0d3z, etc. They know computers, networks, modems, phones, and everything else relating to it, a hellavu lot better than the feds do. In the last two or so years, the fedz have busted 3 people for BBS related stuff, and the only reason they got them was a) one was careless b) one accidentally led to the other two c) blind luck.

I have talked with a few people about the bust, one of the guys that got busted, and other people that are involved. When the SS busted the three, they handled the whole bust with a severe lack of thinking. The story is too long to tell details, and hopefully that will be a future file, written by one of the guys who went down. While being questioned for the weeks after the bust, one of the guys was asked several questions that showed the lack of knowledge they had. The SS didn’t even know about the pirate boards in town, didn’t know who all was involved, didn’t know about many of the boards until they got their hands on a list of them put out by one of the local BBSers. Their knowledge of equipment and technical know-how regarding computers and BBSs were severely lacking(once again, this is based on questions put to one of the guys who got busted.)

It all boils down to this. Why are they here? Shouldn’t they be getting some much needed training? Why are my tax dollars paying for them to sit in an office and investigate something they have no clue about? I am the last one who wants boards to go down, but I am one of the first that wants his/her tax dollars to go to a GOOD use. Since the bust about 6 months ago, the only thing they have managed to do, is scare a few boards into getting rid of adult GIF files. They made a point to scare a lot of the locals into getting rid of GIFs with young “models” and making sure they were not accessible to under age users. And it takes 4 agents to do all this? The underground scene is mutating quite rapidly, and the users seem to keep up with it barely, and the fedz expect to keep up with it just as well? For example, the agent in charge didn’t know a certain board went down until a week later when he questioned one of the guys about it. Not knowing if a board is up or down?!? All it takes is a simple voice call to verify it, and they don’t even do that? Bah. Get some better trained monkeys.

Even though it may diminish the underground scene, it would almost definitely keep it higher quality, and prevent lamers from ruining it. It could present more jobs, or whatever, but what is the point? You stop one person, and his friends, and two more boards pop up to take its place. I don’t know where all this is leading, but if the SS are that undertrained to take on the job of busting pirates and “k0d3z d00ds” then how bout the rest of our government? What do they do? Are they trained better and prepared to take on their job? I think not.

P.S. “Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny” – Apply that to the above discussion.

017: Evolution

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

First off. This is not a file debating creationism/evolutionism. Now that that is clear. This is just more mindless ramblings from little old me, constantly tired of the ignorant fucks I am forced to deal with. This may be short cause it is hard to explain. You just sort of have to go outside, and look for yourselves. Just stop, look, listen, and think about your surroundings. Hell, do that anywhere and you will be surprised at what you might notice.

Ok. Evolution. Basically ape to man, in a long time. Heh, thing is, it seems to me that not everyone evolved. I noticed this most in some of my bullshit classes. The general required classes you take in college, and maybe in high school. The people I will talk about are being stereo-typed and I hate to do it, because I hate when people do it to me but you will see my point, I hope.

Look at your average jock. At my college, they are big. They are muscular. And they are quite ignorant/stupid. Some of them are book-smart, and some of them are street-smart, but very few of them are either, and even less are both. The ones I see and have to deal with are fucking morons. They don’t seem to know anything outside of their designated sport. They know the rules of their game, and they know a few things to get them by, and not much else. They are given a structured day, told when to go to class, when to eat, when to go to practice, and told how much free time they have, and when it is. Usually they get tutored through classes, coaches bribe profs to pass them etc. ‘Course I can’t prove that but I have no doubt it goes on. Just listen to them and you will notice their decided lack of grammar and speech skills. Look at them physically. They are big. They are dumb. They are hairy. They LOOK stupid, almost to the point of drooling. You almost expect them to speak like “Oooh. Og big! Og can smash you. Me not as big as brother Thag but me have smarts.” Here is your modern day ape almost.

Next. You have some of your frat guys. The “party all the time” frat guys that measure time in soberness. “Hell! I have been sober for 27.3 hours man! That sucks…” They can drink beer, pass general classes, and somehow pick up decent looking girls with old/cheesy pick up lines. Most are directly related to the jocks, they aren’t quite smart, and they tend to exhibit some of the traits of monkeys. In almost all cases they are dumb, but considered somewhat good looking, and that is what gets them through part of their life. Example, one of my past roommates. He could honestly NOT do two things at once. When he studied, he did that. When he took a break he would eat chips. He could not do both at the same time though. I don’t know about you but when I read a book I can drink, snack on chips, and do some other small things at the same time. His thoughts were on a minute to minute basis, and plans past tomorrow would be lost ten minutes after made. Also notice, that these kinds of frats, are almost like primitive tribes. Hell, they are almost exactly like tribes.

Others. You have your middle road people. They are smart, have common sense, and stand fully upright. They have decent majors, go on to live normal lives, etc. Many times they are your average Joe, the class nobody, and other people that just fit in, and not much else. The “others” have a decent sense of ethics and morals, and know the difference between right and wrong. This is an equivalent of Homo Erectus.

More frat guys. These are the “I have money” types, that come from rich, yuppie, stuck up families. They know some stuff because they could afford better schools, get any help they needed, afford decent looking clothes, etc. They can party with all the rest, but through some grace of nature they can study for tests, and pass difficult classes. They usually end up becoming business majors, lending from their parents, and buying out small companies. Rash generalization I know, but you get the point.

Mr. Sophistication. These are the ones that are smart. They know their classes, they have common sense, and they are physically mature. Many times they come from rich families and a luxurious background but can often times associate with people from other groups. They dress REAL nice, they use good grammar, they have a slight sense of morals/ethics.

Next. The geeks/cyberpunks/whatever you want to call them. These are the ones with the intelligence. They have common sense, a sense of morals and ethics(although bad sometimes), and they are smart. They speak in well structured sentences, use words many people don’t understand, have complex hobbies that take a vast amount of knowledge to partake in, excel at what they want to, and usually end up leading others if they want. These fit under the Homo Superior category.

   So basically you have this:
 Jock --> Frat Guys --> Normal "Joe" --> Frat Guys --> Mr. Sophistication-|

That is modern day evolution right in front of you eyes. Plain and simple. I am not trying to say computer geeks are top of the line or anything, just that they seem to know what the hell is going on. By showing common sense and a basic understanding of your surroundings, you are singling yourself out from other people whether you realize it or not. You are showing you have a clue, and they don’t.

Don’t ask me the point of this file. I guess like usual I am just bitching about things in general. Bleh. People of this world are really messed up in general. No priorities, no clue….no future.

P.S. Think.

#015: Fiction – Take 1

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

For starters, a fictional story. Read it, then any comments at the end of it. No doubt I will bitch up a storm because there are TOO many of these ignorant bastards in the world.

It was only a ten minute drive to work. The only thing that made it that long was other people on the road. People that shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. Yuppies on their car phones, moms with screaming kids, older people intent upon ‘safety’. All of these people not paying attention to what is going on, causing all sorts of wonderful problems. Changing lanes without signaling, veering over and cutting others off. He hoped it wouldn’t be like Tuesday, where he almost got run off the road, and prayed it wouldn’t be like the Friday before that, where the guy pulled out in front of him while he was doing 40. Both times, he was able to get out of the way and avoid an accident. He didn’t care much about his safety or anything. He just needed his car in one piece so he could get to work, and back. Like everyone else in the world, he was forced to be money’s slave.

Pulling in the parking place he looked at his clock, almost fifteen minutes early today, about the usual. The teenager quickly rolled up the window of his car, locked the door, and jogged inside. An hour later he would be bombarded with the stupidity of humans as they bought their lunch. One hour of prep work before that though, no problem. Little stuff around the restaurant to make things go as smooth as possible. He changed the chalkboard sign so it listed the daily specials, the soup of the day, and the two new items on the menu. Hung it back on the wall right behind his cash register. In front of his register was a printed copy of the menu listing all the ingredients of each meal, the calorie count, and how much fat was in it. He worked at a restaurant that catered to a ‘healthy minded appetite’.

Few more chores out of the way, he counted his register. One hundred and fifty dollars. That was always good to start and could cover anything he needed. Looking at the clock, the time approached 11:00 am, opening time. With a final swig of his diet coke, he walked back out front. Standing at his register he was in a good enough mood, ready to take on the lunch rush. It was always busy, about 2 hours of time, and hundreds of customers each day within that time. Between the nature of the store, and being next to the hospital, it was guaranteed customers. Glancing up, he sees his first customer walk through. Sigh.

With a smile on his face he began the busiest part of his 6 hour shift. As usual, three registers, 300 people it seemed, but all the people on the registers knew what they were doing. They each knew the menu, the prices, and the ingredients, and what they didn’t know was on paper nearby. The first hundred people, all daily customers, make the job enjoyable almost, starting brief, but friendly conversation, helping them with what they needed and moving on to the next customer. A little after 12 things start going down hill as usual. Fewer customers, first time customers, and other small things that rapidly grew on him.

A group of three walk in the door. Obviously their first or second time in. Walking in, looking around and smiling, looking to see if they seat themselves or walk up to the huge counter with three people standing behind cash registers. Realization hits, and they move closer. Three yuppies, all in early thirties, two with mobile phones, and all of them with this look of superiority. First one steps up further and the guy behind the register offers the man a menu with a list of items, and ingredients, then reminds him that he is welcome to ask any questions. Yuppie1 looks down at the menu for two seconds and back up to the menu with only the prices behind the counter.

“Hi. I have been here before, but my friends haven’t so I will order for them.”
“Ok sir. What can I get for you?”
“I will take the daily special, my friend will take the combo special and the other will have the ‘Very Vegetarian’..”

<‘Oh yeah, you have been here. You just managed to order the three most vague orders you can get. Read the fucking menu.’>
“Ok. First, there are three daily specials, , which would you like?”
“Oh. Uhhm……I will take the Italian.”
<‘Didn’t I just point to this big board in front of you stating all the specials…is Italian on there? I don’t think so. Get a clue dipshit.’>
“Sir? Today we don’t have the Italian, we have these three. .” sigh
“Oh. I will take the Santa Fe. And I want a potato with that.”
<‘Duh? Doesn’t the big board say that comes with it?>
“Sir. It comes with a potato. Next, the combo special. That comes with a half sandwich, your choice of soup, salad, or potato and then your choice of chips, pasta, or fruit.”
“Lessee. Which sandwich do you recommend?”
“I like the roast beef sandwich. It is really good.”
“Hmm. I will take the chicken sandwich.”

<‘Don’t take my suggestion, then ask for one of the two sandwiches we don’t do on the combo special. Ignore all the others that we DO do.’>
“Sir. We can’t do the chicken sandwich or the one below it on a combo special. The menu here shows which ones you can choose from.”
“Oh. I will take the Turkey sandwich.”

<‘Like the menu says asshole, you have a few choices to make. You want just the sandwich? Bet that is a real combination eh?’>
“And would you like soup, potato, or salad?”

“I get my choice?”
<‘Are we deaf AND dumb? Get a fucking clue please’>
“Yes sir.”
“I will take the potato.”

“And would you like chips, pasta, or fruit?”

“Chips are tortilla chips, pasta is a oil based pasta salad, and the fruit of the day is watermelon.”
<‘Wow! A full master’s degree and you can’t figure that out?!’>
“Hmm…….I will have chips.”

“Ok. And on the third, the ‘Very Vegetarian’, would you like the VV sandwich, salad, or taco?”
“You mean it comes in all three?”
<‘No dumbass, I am making this up. Read the fucking menu.’>
“I think I will take the sandwich.”
<‘sigh And you can’t read either eh?’>
“Would you like chips, pasta, or fruit? That choice is with ALL sandwiches.'”
“Uhh. I think I will take pasta.”

<curse from the employee. With a order half rung up I can’t help anyone else>

Minutes pass while the fucking yuppie talks about racquetball later with his bed buddies.

“Ok sir. What would you like to drink?”

“Give us 3 cold drinks.” “They only know the difference between hot and cold drinks here.”

“Cold drinks sir? Coke? Tea? Lemonade? Shake? Slush? We have a lot of cold drinks.”

“Oh. Three cokes please.”
<’bout damn time’>
“Your total will be 18.42”

<‘You couldn’ fucking hit 110 at the ATM? Got to have those nice big bills to impress your loser friends?’>

“Excuse me you fucking yuppies. Please get the hell out of this store and get the hell out of my face. You are such a dumb ass yuppie who doesn’t know shit about the real world.”
“Let me see your manager!”

“You said that to him?!?”
“Yup. Sure did. Doesn’t he look like a fucking loser?”
“Your fired! I am extremely sorry about all this.”
“Ok. See ya!”

“Hi! Boy I sure love when you ignorant bastards come through my line acting like you know everything about the restaurant. Why the hell do you think I am here? Because I know this shit better than you. All three of you are fucking perversions of nature, and shouldn’t be allowed to roam around. You sit back with your master’s degrees which you got by cheating people, bribing others, and bullshitting your way through, and you expect to come in and treat ME like the incompetent? That isn’t how it works.”

“I think I will do society a favor today.”

“There. Go rot in a hospital and do something good for society. Spend your money somewhere else, and stay the fuck out of public.”

The enD.

Anyway, you get the point. Fucking lameness abounds and seemingly I get stuck with it all. I get so sick and tired of dealing with other people’s shit, and cleaning up after them. People are so sloppy, so ignorant, so conceited, and overall, so unaware, it is pathetic.

Fix it. If not someone else. You. It all starts with YOU making sure you don’t fit in the above category. If you don’t, then that alone makes you a plus to society, regardless of anything else.

Believe that. Not the bullshit you are fed by your parents, or other adults. And make sure you don’t believe the hype. Don’t be a yuppie. Don’t be this. Don’t be that. Be yourself. That is the one thing I learned from a good friend and to date, that has held up. And something tells me it will continue to do so.

p.s. Thanx goes out to S.L. aka Bulldog. He got through to me.

#014: Sysops

DL Successful: WWIV421A.ZIP transferred AVG RATE: 231 CPS

How many sysops have seen this? Maybe not WWIV but some other BBS software. Maybe ANY BBS software. Around here, I see that almost everyday. At least one person somewhere in town DLs a copy of some BBS software. Guess this file is directed at new BBSers more than anyone, of course, any older sysop will no doubt read this and go “hell yeah! That is exactly how it is these days.”

Basically this. Every fucking BBSser has to take a shot at running a board. They have been BBSing for all of 4 weeks and like what they see and figure running a board HAS to be a bunch of fun! So they DL something, and around here it is WWIV or maybe VBBS. WWIV is a great program and all and the best thing about it is, it is easy to set up. Basically takes a chimp to set up a basic, plain WWIV board. Ok, so these new users DL the software and then get a board running. Here is what you see.

Running at 2400!!!

That is about all you see. What the hell sez me. I call these new boards. I always give them a chance and I am almost always willing to help out so it turns out to be a decent board somewhat. Anyway, you call to find that it is 2400. It has maybe 10 posting subs(all of which have been used for years), a transfer section with very few files, and the same online games as you see everywhere else. If you see voting it is like 20 questions that are all bullshit and a waste of time. No g-files, no nothing new. So you have a new board, with nothing on it, what is there is old and unoriginal.

Before I go farther, I have to say I was with this group long ago. I DLed WWIV and ran a part time board but I kept the user base private, and made sure the callers knew I had it up to chat with people. Anyway, these new sysop then play 20 questions with other sysops on how to do stuff. They don’t take the time to read the docs, don’t bother experimenting with stuff, don’t think of why they set up a board or anything. Basically it is an impulse BBS. After time they get a little better user base, better posting, maybe a few more files, more games of course. And rarely these boards become a really good board. Almost every good board in the area has been up for years, or is a new board run by a person that has been BBSing for a long time so they know what’s up with stuff.

How many times have you called a new board and looked in the transfer section to find 1000 files, all without descriptions? How bout boards that advertise gobs of files and then keep them all offline? How bout boards that have few message bases because no disk room?

Ok. Real shit here. Here are some new boards I have run across. (Names and such won’t be mentioned for obvious reasons)
1) 5 posting subs. 3 Transfer areas. 2 games. Board run off of 2 720k disks. No shit on that. Run off of two floppies.
2) 28 posting subs (none original). 32 transfer areas (24 files total). Board run off a 40 meg hard drive.

There have been others but those two seem to pop up more than I care to see. Anyway. I ask myself this once a week since I run a board. “What can I offer users that other boards can’t?” Each week I think to myself. I have a high speed modem, 2000 files (about 75% unique to this area code), somewhat original posting subs. If each sysop would ask themselves that the BBSing community would be a much better place. The boards above. They offer NOTHING to the users. Just another number with nothing new. Don’t get me wrong, it is
great to see so many people interested in BBSing and wanting to run BBSs but everyone needs to think of why you should run a board. What can you offer that isn’t old?

If you do plan on running a board then do a few things. DL the software of course. First, read the docs. Maybe not front to back but at least catch the general idea and basic commands. Set it up on your computer. Mess around with it. Do anything you want, and try everything. If you crash your board it isn’t a loss because you haven’t done anything. You are just experimenting. Mess with original subs and think if good posting could happen on it. Get files that users will be interested in. Get onliners that are played by a lot of people and hell, try to set up a new onliner. Don’t rely on other sysops to get you through any problem. I help a lot of new sysops with boards. I UL files, help posting, etc. It gets really old really quick though to see the same shit over and over. The other thing to consider, which a lot of people do, is to keep your board private. Have your friends call for a week or two or three. Get a feel for the board. Have them log on a few times if need be and mess around with the accounts, access, and shit like. With it your friends they shouldn’t mind at all. Once you think you are in control of things and know what you are doing THEN open the board to the public. Don’t expect your users to start posting all the time. An active sysop is essential to a good board. If the sysop is active, posts, plays his games, ULs files regularly, etc. the board is almost guaranteed to be good. A lot better than many at least.

With internet, Compuserve, and all those other huge nets popping up the call for local BBSs are declining somewhat. Local BBSs are great for a lot of people that don’t want to pay for that access, that want to chat with people like themselves that they may meet someday. Although many people are going over to internet and such, the need for GOOD local BBSs are very important and quite helpful.

As always, think about what you are doing. Do what you want but make sure it is somewhat logical.