#200: No More Looking Back

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

As you now see, this file breaks the tradition of the ‘Looking Back’ series. From what I can tell people aren’t using these files for the intended reason to get a quick idea of what the files are about. Since most files are pretty short I think people can start to read it and determine if they want to continue.


You will now notice there is an updated FAQ with version number. I have also released a new version of the FUCK Distribution application.

Many thanks goes out to the sysops and admins who are helping to distribute these files. In the past few months alone several BBS sysops have mailed in applications and have become distribution sites for the zine. Thanks goes out to the admins running FTP sites or Web sites with these files. If you help distribute and your name/site is not on this list, please mail me so I know. If you are interested in putting them up and need help, mail me.

Thanks goes to Voyager for running a new site and allowing me to set my web pages up on a new server (a real web server kids!).


While you are there check out the other users pages as well as the intro page (leave off the /users/disorder part). If you would like to mail suggestions or comments, send them to jericho@netcom.com or fuck@command.com.inter.net and I will usually reply within 24 hours.

Over three years now. Not bad for the on-line magazine world. Every day I read the newsgroups I see a new zine here or someone trying to start one up and asking for submissions. Why can’t people write for existing zines? I know that variety is a good thing but starting a new zine and letting it die within a few issues will only bury your writings along with countless others out there. If you wish to write, and work on a zine, just make sure you are committed and willing to follow through. If there is any doubt in your mind that you will not be able to keep it up, write for another zine.

I have written for several other zines over the years and will continue to write for others. If something I write is not geared for this zine, then I submit it to another zine. The same variety that it appears I am speaking against is what I actually encourage. Variety doesn’t have to be brought forth in the form of different and new zines. It can be brought forth in a wider variety in the existing zines.

Reminder: If you would like to receive new files as they are released, mail me at jericho@netcom.com and ask to be put on the list.

Without further ado… this was submitted by Demonika a few weeks back. Since it does a very good job detailing some issues I would have covered, here it is.

The recent actions of our Senators and House Representatives will soon make this file illegal to distribute on the Internet. Not only is the title “indecent”, but its contents are also legally indecent as well. Within these files you will find discussions of a controversial nature, often peppered with so-called inappropriate language. I find it difficult to place these files in the same category as porn or erotic text, but this is exactly what happens when our government defines laws in ambiguous language. What exactly is indecent? Is this file indecent? Are any of the former F.U.C.K. files indecent? (oops, did I just break the law?)

Consider the following: These files will be effectively outlawed merely because of the title and some questionable language contained within them. The sad thing about the recent events is the loss of the content to the Internet. Many of these files are thought-provoking, well-written, and excellent outlets for the thoughts of young people everywhere. If you read past the title, and pay attention to the content, many of the same Senators and Representatives would be less concerned about the “bleak future” of our country. Some might even agree with the opinions of the authors, and be surprised that some of them have not even attended college yet. Some of these authors have written files of a quality that they would never consider maintaining for their high-school or college. They do it because they like the zine, and they like to express themselves. But the language of the CDA bill has effectively banned this outlet for creative thought and the exploration of new ideas. So, along with Playboy and Penthouse WWW sites, this zine will be on the wrong side of the law, undeservedly so.

When I think of the Internet I think of a bookstore. Anyone of any age can enter a Barnes n’ Noble and find a book called Fuck on the shelf. It is a book devoted to the history of this four-letter word, the usage of it, and it’s prominence in society. If you are offended by this book, you ignore it. You don’t buy it. If your child sees it and wants to know more about it, you set limits according to your own values and principles. But nothing stops this child from picking up the book and examining it if s/he really wants to. Simple. The Internet is the same way. You’re looking around some ftp sites and you find a group of files called fuck files. Do you get them? Are you forced to read them? No. You can choose to ignore them if you like. It’s the same with pornography. You know that if you web over to http://www.playboy.com/ you might see some nudity. If this offends you, you don’t go there. No one forces you to look at it. Now, if your child goes to that site, it is up to YOU, as a parent, to set limits. It can be done. It is not the US government’s responsibility to do so.

Something to think about in the upcoming months. Keep track of upcoming legislation and court rulings. If you are reading this, then they affect you.

#194: Concern

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Things to be concerned about. These are issues that will be affecting you in the future in one way or another.. most are things that have been going on for some time, but are still unresolved. If you know about them, and are aware of what they are doing to hinder people, you may decide to help the fight against them.

Communications Decency Act: You may have heard this term in the news recently. The ‘CDA’ is a small part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The primary purpose of the bill is to deregulate the phone and cable industry by removing restrictions currently in place. A sub-section of this bill is labeled the ‘CDA’, and involves censoring several things on the internet. The bill bans anything ‘indecent’, ‘obscene’, ‘lewd’, (and 5 or 6 other adjectives). Consider the term indecent along with the fact the supreme court (or any government agency) has not defined indecent for today’s society. The bill goes on to ban/censor any/all nudity, talk about breast size, urination, sexual intercourse, abortion, as well as the “7 dirty words”. Here are just a few of the topics now considered “illegal”:

  • Urinary Tract Disease
  • Breast Cancer
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Rape/Sexual Intercourse
  • Abortion Recovery
  • Alchohol Anonymous
  • Drug Recovery/Addiction
  • Large portions of the bible

This also means some our favorite literature is to be banned (again). These topics will give you a small flavor of what will be illegal from here on out. Take into account the bill was signed by a majority in both House and Senate, and immediately signed by the President. Despite the fact the CDA is unconstitutional, it was passed quickly. After this was brought up in public, the president had the balls to say something to the effect of “Since it is unconstitutional, we won’t enforce it”. This just after a State Court suspended the bill.

Bottom Line: The president knowingly and intentionally signed and passed an unconstitutional bill. That is not part of a democracy.


Microsoft: You may not think much of them, or realize the shit they are getting away with. Every day they are breaking laws left and right, yet stand uncontested and continue to do it. False Advertising is their biggest market right now, and the American consumers are eating it up without a second thought. Their current long term goal (if publicly known) would outrage every person using their product because of the purely financial interests behind it. I will touch on two examples.

Windows95: If you go back and try to find some of the original advertisements or technical literature, you would find they never released what they advertised. Once you look past their continued promises for a release date, and past all of the advertising hype showing nothing remotely technical about the new ‘OS’, you are left with one of the most pitiful excuses of a software package released to date. The first major misconception is that Win95 is an Operating System. It isn’t. One quick and dirty way to put this argument to an end. Go in and delete /dos, /windows/command, and your autoexec/config files. If DOS isn’t needed (which it was for 3.x) then get rid of it. The /windows/command directory contains DOS files for spawning a DOS shell, no need for them. Last, the autoexec.bat and config.sys files that we used to use, get rid of those. Boot your computer. Wait.. I guess I should have warned you to back everything up, but I guess I am right. Win95 is NOT an O/S by any means. It is a half 16/32 bit PLATFORM just like Win 3.1 was. It disguises its nature a little better.

Long Term Goal:

1994 – Chicago (Codename for Win 4.0/Dos 7.0)
1995 – Windows95 (Scrapped codename, gave it full name, decided not to release full DOS)
1996 – FixIt Upgrades to 95
1996 – Development of ‘Cairo’
1997 – General release of ‘Cairo’

What is now codenamed ‘Cairo’ is basically Windows NT for the masses. Its current status is apparently everything that Win95 promised to be. As usual, Microsoft will lead the market as being ‘Upgrade Slaves’ requiring you to dump significant amounts of money on underdeveloped, overpriced software.

Bottom Line: You can live without their products. Quit supporting their poor marketing and poor software. Demand better from them if you dish out any money.


America Online: A seemingly harmless company leeching onto the internet bandwagon. Instead of the family oriented online service, you have a company that doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about the customers, what they are doing to the net, or how they are infringing on your rights. Instead of bringing 5 million people on the internet, they bring 5 million computer illiterate people onto the net bombarding the existing network with wasted bandwidth, repetitive questions, and general stupidity. The problem exists from both sides of America Online though.

Users: The stereotype of AOLers being lame, obnoxious, and completely clueless is there for a reason. Every day net users have to suffer through more and more repetitive stupid questions on UseNet, more and more FTP’s, and more pointless mail on mail lists. AOLers typically will not read applicable FAQs regarding newsgroups, services, or netiquette. Instead of lurking on a newsgroup for a few weeks to see the kind of conversation that exists, they will often jump right in with unrelated topics, or litter the groups with “me too” posts. Roughly 50 AOL users a day lose their accounts due to mail/UseNet spams of various types.

The Company: With as many users as there are, you would figure the service they are receiving is good. Instead of superior service, these users are dealing with incompetent technical support, hour long (or more) waits for any kind of help on the phone, constant cases of overbilling (even after account cancellation), slow networks, busy dialins, poor response time on mail to support, and a fascist policy on network behavior. The TOS (Terms of Service) prohibit many kinds of discussion, many words or phrases used in normal conversation, as well as some opinions on different topics. I could go into great detail and make a separate file out of this (which may come later) but I won’t. Go to alt.aol-sucks and read the messages there. They should give you a good idea of some of the crap this company does.

Bottom Line: Don’t support them. They are overpriced, unresponsive, and uncaring about their customers.


Church of Scientology: Not a church by any conventional means, this group has managed to pull off some disturbing events in the past. What started out as a “church” based on L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics book, this group has developed into one of today’s evil sects. To advance in this church requires money… and lots of it. Over time (the whole time dishing out money), you will be given more of the “church secrets” and obtain new “OT” levels placing you in the church hierarchy. There exists a huge online war between scientologists and opponents to the church. Many ex-members spend huge amounts of time fighting the church.

The part to be concerned about comes in their past actions. Anytime the church catches wind of someone posting or publicly releasing some of their ‘secrets’, they will begin harassing that individual. In the past they have used many illegal methods of doing this, in some cases killing the person’s dog. Due to more criticism they have moved to taking anyone and everyone to court over their ‘secrets’. Before going to court, the church has somehow managed to pull some amazing feats of legal work having people’s house searched, computers confiscated, and privacy invaded upon. They continue to do it to this day. Read alt.religion.scientology for more about what is going on.

Bottom Line: What started out as a set of infomercials has turned into an evil money hungry sect. Don’t support them.


These are only three issues which everyone should be aware of. There are countless other events and companies you should be aware of, but they will be addressed later. Make yourself aware of what is going on around you. Find something you believe in and fight for it.

#193: Anarchy Anyone?

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

Every building within five miles had either been fortified or destroyed. The current state of anarchy had lead to the downfall of the entire city. Over 50% of the original occupants of the city had been killed in guerilla warfare, assassination, or outright murder. There were no police to enforce laws, no judges to convict criminals, and no jails in operation to hold lawbreakers. What was left of the government buildings had been taken over because of the strength of the building material.

Very few people remember the incidents that caused it to be this way, and very few cared to remember. All that mattered any more was day to day survival. You had to belong to a gang to survive. That was one of the first rules you learned living in a state of anarchy. Survival in numbers was more than obvious when you had to leave your haven.

It had been a long week for Jase, not that he knew the days that constituted a week. It had just been seven days of poor weather on top of more skirmishes near his haven. He was part of a gang called the KTOs. The name derived from their motto: “Keep To your Own”. Rather than venture out into the city and attempt haven takeover, expansion, or material assessment, the KTOs stuck to what they had, and worried about survival. As such, they were attacked very little in the grand scheme of things.

It was his turn to make the rounds near the haven to ensure properly set up warning defenses as well as the traps that encircled the building. Each of the members knew everything about the traps, so they could walk quite easily through them without alerting onlookers to their presence.

Jase had made it halfway around the building to the North East corner before he looked out very slowly at everything around him. Things appeared as normal as they ever were. In the distance he could hear sporadic gunfire but it was too far off to be a concern. ‘Let them kill each other’ he thought. Jase continued around to the next corner of the building and stopped at the corner of Steele St. and 18th Ave. He looked down the streets hoping to catch something.

Two blocks down Steele St. a pickup truck lie overturned. The driver of the truck hung out the front window with glass spread out around him. The pool of blood underneath the man told Jase he had been dead for some time, and that most of the blood had drained out. Several crates were strewn about the back of the truck, some half open spilling various rifles and guns onto the street.

Jase counted four good boxes of firearms from where he was standing but looked around before he appraised the goods. No one on the streets, no one on the building tops nearby. Didn’t look like a trap since most of the boxes had been looted. Odds were the attackers couldn’t carry everything back, and figured on the guns being gone by the time they returned. That would explain it.

Jase slung his shotgun on his back and pulled out his Glock before proceeding. He worked his way across the street, and down half a block before stopping to check around him. He knew this area pretty well since it was so close to home, but there was no way of telling if anyone had entered the other buildings nearby. His soft jungle boots made no noise as he slowly walked down the street.

He stopped at the corner of 19th Ave. and knelt down looking around. He was still a block away, but he didn’t want to walk into a trap. Guerilla warfare tactics were often misleading, and applied to urban combat, traps were set all the time. Jase remained kneeling at the corner for a good hour before he crept down the next block. Halfway to the overturned truck he stopped once again, leaning in a doorway to stay hidden from any snipers. Everything seemed fine. The gunfire several blocks away was still going and didn’t promise to let up.

Fifteen minutes passed before he kept moving down the street. This kind of cache would make the rest happy since they were always in need of more weapons. If nothing else, more rifles sticking out of windows, the more it looked like your gang had. More rifles usually meant less attacks. He inched down the street staying near the old bank building keeping an eye to the roof across the street each way. He had taken about 10 steps away from the door he stopped in when he heard the click. Everyone knew what that sound was. Everyone feared it equally. Jase didn’t know what to do exactly, so he stood up straight and held his gun out to the side.

“What kinda piece you carrying?”

The voice behind him was deep, and sounded as if the person had been around for a while. Most people in the city didn’t live past 25 years because of all the fighting.

“Its a Glock 20” Jase replied.

“Fed gun eh? I think I will use it. In good condition?”

“Perfect condition. Any chance of me keeping my life in trade for the gun?”

“Course not dumbass. If I let you live, then I have one more person to worry about tomorrow.”

“I’m a KTO if that means anything. I don’t jack with others.”

“Sorry, in this day and age it doesn’t matter. My bullets can’t tell the difference. Put the Glock down slowly, and set it at your feet. Stand back up and put your hands behind your head.”


Jase knew not to try anything. It was a kid’s myth that you had enough time to turn and shoot. In every case to date, the people that tried that ended up taking a bullet to the back of the head. Jase was quite mad at himself for venturing out. He should have called back to base and asked for at least a sniper to cover him if not a small party to venture out. Either way, it was most likely over, but he played the game anyway. Jase slowly stooped down and put the Glock on the ground before putting his hands locked behind his head.

“Is the shotgun loaded?”


“Put your left arm straight up, and remove the shotgun with your right. Set it down next to the Glock and take three steps forward.”

Jase did exactly as he was told. Maybe something would happen that would at least let him get away if not kill his opponent. After he set the shotgun down, he took three big steps forward and locked his hands behind his head. His eyes darted around looking for something that might help him.

“Ok. Nothing personal man, but you know how it is these days. Its a dog-eat-dog world, and today isn’t your day.”


No matter what Jase did, it wouldn’t help. The guy had the gun aiming straight at his back with at least 6 feet in between the two. If he went for the gun he would have to turn and lunge. If he went another direction, that gave more than enough time to empty the clip into his back. Jase stood there. Three shots rang out and Jase clinched every muscle in his body. No pain, no falling to the ground, nothing. He stood there perfectly fine.

Jase snapped his head around to see his assailant lying on the ground with two bullets holes in the back, and one in the head. Twelve feet away was another man wearing a black beret and flak jacket. He couldn’t have been more than 18 years old, but had a cocky smile on his face.

“Well well well, what do we have here. One of you KTO motherfuckers it looks like. And lets see, some unidentified poor fool with brains sunning themselves that did the work for me.”


“Ok, lie on the ground, put your hands on your head, and bark like a dog motherfucker. And I mean bark loud. I want to hear your ass ruffing like my old dog.”


Jase got to the ground, lay on his stomach, and put his hands above his head. If he was going to die, it wouldn’t be barking like a dog. He looked up at his new assailant.

“You know, you can still give up. Give me your gun, let me get my Glock back, and I will let you go.” Jase replied.

“Ha, like you are in any position to bargain motherfucker, now bark like a dog and I kill you quick.”

Jase smiled, and nodded. His assailant looked down in time to see his chest explode outward onto the sidewalk, and back up in time to feel the second bullet streak through his head. He slumped to the ground with gun in hand. Jase got up and retrieved his two weapons before searching the two bodies near him. Jase gave a quick wave to his friend on the top of his haven with the sniper rifle.

Jase removed all the clips and guns from the bodies, loaded his own pockets down with everything else he could find. Retreating quickly, he kept checking over his shoulders to make sure no one else was nearby, happy to be out of that situation alive. He made it back to the first intersection where he watched for an hour and crossed the road quickly. Jumping onto the sidewalk in a half run, he made it two more steps before the explosion assaulted him from the front. Jase stopped quickly and watched as the explosion ripped through the entire first level of his haven shot outwards in all directions.

It was obvious an expert planted the bomb as the other five stories of the building crashed down on top of the first. Jase couldn’t believe it. His home for two years was crashing down, his best friend on top. He could only see the long barrel of the sniper rifle for a quick second before it was lost in the rubble and dust cloud. Good sense kicked in as the rest of the building tumbled, and Jase ran into the old phone building he stood near. It was only three stories, but would give him shelter and allow him to watch the rest of the building fall.

He sprinted up the three flights of stairs and burst out onto the roof. The sound of the explosion and falling building had subsided, but the dust cloud was visible to all within a mile of them. Jase holstered his Glock and walked slowly to the edge of the building. As he approached he could see the enemy standing near the fallen building already. There were at least eight of them, standing in a semi-circle. He thought about his shotgun but he was out of range. He would be lucky to hit any of them with the spread.

He yanked out his Glock ready to start going after the killers of his family. As he kneeled down, he felt the first bullet rip through his right shoulder causing him to drop his handgun. The next shot hit him square in the back causing a deep and intense pain. The third and fourth killed him.

From the other side of the roof came another figure. He walked up cautiously to the man he had just shot. His victim lay slumped over the the side of the building blood flowing out. His boss was right, another KTO had been outside the compound when they blew it. Oh well, that entire gang no longer existed. As he headed back to meet with his friends, he could hear gunfire less than a block away… getting closer.

ps: anarchy anyone?

#192: What If…

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

What if the internet was really like media and congress portrayed it as?


Mr. John Goodbody comes home from a day at the office to see his wife cooking for the family, and his kids doing their homework in the living room. After changing out of his work clothes, John goes downstairs and sits down to a nice meal with his wonderful family. John starts a prayer and the family finish in unison with “Amen”.

Since John finished his work at the office, and doesn’t have any projects, he figures he will go to his computer and get on the internet and play around. He goes upstairs, sits down at his desk with a glass of water, and pad of paper with pages of detailed notes on finding stuff on the net.

He boots his computer into Windows, double clicks on the little America Online icon, and waits as it logs him in. Upon login he makes sure everything is in order but can immediately tell he has been hacked again! Someone was using his account last night without his permission! Oh well, this happens every day so he moves on. Another problem catches his eye, as he notices that he has a ton of email. Looking through the email it is quite obvious that he has once again (just like every other day), received unsolicited email advertisements, pornography, and sexually deviant material. He takes the time to delete the mail without reading it and clean up his mailbox so it only contains the one letter from his brother in Michigan.

That day at work, his friend Bob told him about a new site that gave detailed reports of earthquake information, where they were located, and their magnitudes. John clicks on the telnet button and inputs the address. As usual, it takes him seven or eight tries to get through because he keeps getting redirected to sites that show nude women, beastiality, or other smut. Once he is through, he looks up his information and closes the telnet session. Not even two seconds pass before an image of a naked lady appears on his screen advertising another XXX web site. He closes the image and tries to go to the chat rooms.

Once in the chat area, John pulls up a list of the available rooms, and tries to find one that doesn’t deal with indecent material. Like all the other nights, he can’t find one so he decides to get some more online magazines to read later that night. He clicks on the FTP button, and inputs the site with thousands of magazines. Instead of connecting to ‘Etext’, he is routed to another adult site which automatically send him several lewd pictures. He tries again but ends up at a home page of a neo-Nazi hate group. One more click and he ends up at an abortion site, and automatically gets sent the complete list of abortion clinics and propaganda on why everyone should get abortions.

Thirteen tries later, he gets through to ‘Etext’, and starts to download his favorite zine ‘DARN’. Once he gets them to his machine he takes a look at them only to find they aren’t the good-natured ‘DARN’ ‘zine, but stories of sexual encounters in the forest written by some deviant! John is upset by this turn of events, but rather than be upset he deletes them and tries again. The second time he manages to get the new issues of the ‘zine, and begins reading them.

As he is reading, a message comes across his screen from one of the America Online staff members asking him to verify his credit card number. Not wanting to cause trouble he gives it out along with some more information and keeps going.

It is difficult to get through the night on the net, but just like all the others out there, he braves the online world in search of honest and decent material. It’s hard to believe that the other 99% of net denizens are so perverted like that, but it’s still worth it for the chance to find what he needs.


Is it like that? Of course not.

#189: Vigilante Justice

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

You don’t hear about vigilantes much anymore. When you do, you get to read a full page about how the police are trying to track down the rogue figure, and stop him from taking the law into his own hands. Even in cases where the vigilante is more efficient, and does the job right, he is always tracked down, and his capture is put in front of the criminals that he is removing from society.

When you think about it, and read about past cases, you will find that the ability to punish criminals without having to deal with laws, paperwork, or office procedures, a law keeper becomes much more efficient in his work. When I say ‘law keeper’, that means either the legitimate police, or a vigilante. Instead of having a single person working on a case, gathering evidence for a trial, filling out paperwork, etc., he has the ability to go straight to the criminal and act as the judge, jury, and executioner.

The big debate comes in whether or not the average citizen should have or take that ability. Police officers go through years of training to do what they do, while a vigilante may skip that, purchase a handgun, and kill someone he catches doing wrong. What gives that person the right? Nothing. That is why police worry more about catching the vigilante and forgetting about the real criminals.

Given today’s society and the direction it is heading, you have to wonder if it is such a bad idea. Not so much the idea of a vigilante, but the ability to skip through the paperwork and procedures, and just worry about catching the bad guys. The only movie I know that implements this idea is Judge Dredd (which wasn’t that good), but showed how that kind of a system would work, and the potential of it. If a single police officer has the ability to track, capture, judge, and execute, the law enforcers become much more powerful, and much more deadly.

For argument’s sake, lets say the police had that power, the primary concern becomes if the officer will abuse that power. Will s/he? Yes. How do I know? A decent percentage abuse the power they are given right now. What is to stop them from abusing the power if we give them more? Stiffer punishment. Since the officer would have the ability to enforce stiffer penalties, s/he would be subject to the same stiffer set of laws. No more small fines for parking illegally, after the third or fourth, they impound your car for a month. After the fifth or sixth time, they impound it for three months.

In this scenario, every crime would have a stiffer punishment to help deter crime. Once people realized that they had no means of getting out of the crime via common methods (messed up paperwork, officer not showing, etc.), they will be a little more careful of which crimes they break.

The only way to ensure purity among the officers would be to institute new measures of tracking them. Bullets issued to the officers would be ID’d in such a way that any recovered bullet could be tracked back to the gun that shot it. More cameras on the police transportation along with a microphone on the officer would help ensure honest judgements. The recorded material from camera and microphone would be broadcast directly back to internal affairs who would monitor the officers.

If a citizen ever felt wrongly convicted or punished for a crime, they could put a petition in at Internal Affairs, and a full investigation would ensue. The system would be very difficult to implement, but once in place would be a very effective deterrent. The idea of running into a bad cop alone would deter a lot of the criminals. Knowing you could be without your car for three months would deter illegal parking.

So vigilante justice is not the answer, and a total police state isn’t the answer. Something in between, but monitored strictly is the only way it could happen. I personally don’t think it could work, but it is an intriguing idea. Parts of it would be a great value to society, while other parts of this plan would put us worse off as far as the government monitoring our lives.

Who knows.. maybe that is where it will go in the future.. when we have no say over the matter.

An Open Letter to KUSA

[This was originally published on attrition.org.]

It is 4:40 MST, Monday, Feb 5th.

Your news show today was very tacky, very misleading, and very insulting to me and many of my friends.

During your broadcast, you gave out a web site for a medical related site that tied in to one of your spots. Afterwards, your anchorwomen said something to the effect of “whatever that means”. She and her partner then go on to a quick spot telling about online access and talk about America Online. You make the very very very wrong assumption that every clueless newbie to the net makes. America Online is NOT the net.

Your person goes on to say “A 28.8bps Modem is required to access the net, now don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, just know that you need one”. You can access the web just fine with a 14.4. Your mistaken assumption comes from America Online’s less than standard service. AOL’s web browser has been rated as worst on the net by more than 10 magazines in the past few years. AOL’s own Web Supervisor refuses to use it because of its speed, and chooses to PAY for another net account with better web access. You also mention to watch your time, because time is money on the net. How is it I pay 17 bucks a month for UNLIMITED time? I never bother worrying about money because I go with a reasonable ISP instead of a corporate entity concerned with money.

Both of your anchor people talk about the net, yet both said on the news broadcast that neither owned a computer, and went on to joke about Baywatch, and viewing the images on Compuserve if one of them could. That childish insipid attitude is what lead to the CDA (Communications Decency Act). The CDA is robbing Americans of their 1st amendment rights.

I suggest that before you talk about the internet, that you do a little research on what you are talking about. The fact that you use America Online to answer mail (Even if you have an Overhead Account), you are showing your lack of knowledge about the net as well as your desire to be censored. Yes, some of the very things you talk about on your news broadcast will get you kicked off AOL.

If you would like some suggestions on getting an ISP account, having your staff trained on the internet, or setting up better services, I would be glad to offer assistance. Anything done through mail (advice/suggestions) are of course free, and I would even be willing to give your staff a 1 hour session on the internet for free, just to see your employees more educated.

Thank you.

#188: Meric Religion

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

“Ok class, today we will pick up where we left off in our study of mythology. Yesterday we finished up the Native American beliefs and discussed how they were like some of the Norse gods, but quite different from Greek and Roman. Today we will study the Meric gods and talk about their history.”

The class finished putting away their jackets before pulling out their tablets. Each student was assigned a tablet at the beginning of the school year loaded with all of their books and assignments. Nothing was done on paper anymore and had moved to wireless transfer to the teacher’s desk computer.

Mrs. Clark walked to the computer projection screen and started writing names of the more popular deities in the Meric mythology. Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mother Earth, Yaweh, and Satan. “These are the major deities of the time we will be discussing. Let’s start with ‘Jesus’ today, and move on to the others at the start of next week. From your reading, you know that most major mythos’ lasted between 500 and 2200 years. This mythos is what set the higher boundary of that range.”

“During that time, many heated debates ensued over whether or not religion should be taught in schools, whether or not their deity ‘god’ existed, and the validity of the bible. If you would like to read the bible, you can pull it up on your Tablet or the library computer under Mythology3/Meric/books/bible. If you do read it, take note of the various writing styles, contradictions, and political motives behind it. Also note that it was supposedly written by many people over several generations, and was divided into two main books.”

Many students pulled it up on their tablets and read the overview that accompanied most of the books they had access to. Seeing the student’s interest, the teacher allowed them to read the short synopsis before continuing with her discussion. “The bible was the basis for ‘Christianity’ which held popular favor for just over 2000 years. That was one of the most enduring religions of the time. Christians believed in an all powerful being they called ‘God’, who sent his son ‘Jesus’ to earth to die for their sins. I realize it doesn’t make much sense, but if you continue reading some of the essays or Cliff Notes on the bible, you will understand.”

That night, most of the students went home and read excerpts out of the bible, or various essays written in the 20th century about the book, and the history of the religion. Some of the faster readers almost completed the Old Testament before they returned the next day.

“Good afternoon class, how did everyone enjoy the reading last night?”. A few students raised their hand, or mumbled a word of acknowledgement, but most looked somewhat perplexed. “Well, I can see not everyone understood it or agreed with it..” This time more students spoke up agreeing with her judgement. “There isn’t much explanation on why so many people believed in the bible, and no one during the time could ever logically explain it, yet millions attended church every week, prayed to god, and lived by this book. The best explanation I have found is an essay by Marty De’Mire written in 1997. It explains how the amount of followers fluctuated over the years, and that family tradition kept the entire religion alive. Since it was passed down from generation to generation, and wars were waged to force it on others, it was able to prosper and thrive throughout that period of history.”

As she continued the students took notes, accessed the essay being discussed, and followed along, trying to figure out why such a bizarre religion was able to mesmerize so many people. “If you read through the bible, you will notice very big differences between it, and what the churches of the time preached to their masses. The church would say ‘Thou shalt not kill’, while the bible portrayed their own deity killing millions for literally no reason.” Confusion hit most of the students, but they followed along anyway, interested by the topic.

“And by the late 20th century, large factions of people had risen up to fight against the Christian church, and speak out against the ways of the bible.” A loud bell interrupted her next sentence before she was able to continue. “Ok, before you leave, finish up on the essay by De’Mire, and tomorrow we will start on Buddha of the Meric religion.”

The class gathered their belongings and headed out the door, completely educated about the Christian religion.

#183: Guilty by Text

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

When a computer hacker gets caught, a series of events takes place that will dramatically change his/her life. The first thing after the investigation is complete, will be a visit by federal agents. They will come into the house and seize any computer or telephone equipment. Often times a year or more will pass before the hacker is brought to trial to defend himself.

During the wait to go to trial, the federal agents in charge of the investigation will search the computer for evidence to help convict the hacker. Sometimes it will take months for the agents to completely go through the hard drive, and look at each file. When they are done they will print out any file that can be used as evidence.

When a lack of true evidence exists, the prosecuting attorney will resort to other means to show the hacker’s guilt. Instead of providing logs that show detailed events that happen, they will provide text files and online magazines that were found on the hacker’s computer. Everything from Phrack magazine, to text files on making pipe bombs.

The attorney tells the judge and jurors that those kinds of files show intent. They go farther by saying that these files show the person is a hacker, has hacked, is malicious, and should be found guilty. Simple text files like the one you are reading. It doesn’t matter if the hacker was working on a term paper on the subject, or just wants to read other people’s ideas, those files supposedly only show guilt.

The question I ask is this:

If I own a gun, does that mean I am a murderer?

If I own a knife, does that make me a mugger?

If I own a fishing rod, does that make me someone who fishes illegally on other people’s land?

If I own a car, does that make me guilty of hit and run? Vehicular homicide?

Those may seem extreme, but if I am in court for a parking ticket, does the fact that I own a car make me anything else? Does it show my guilt? Of course not.

It seems that computer crime is the only exception to the rule. Since the law isn’t equipped to deal with computer crime, and train the attorneys, the victims in this case aren’t the system administrators, but the computer enthusiasts.