Lessons from New Zealand

What I learned in New Zealand today:

  • NZ does not have squirrels. None, not a single one. Oddly enough, they sell little pewter squirrels in the gift shop at the Auckland zoo. *boggle* Before I die, I may commit one international violation and import squirrels into this country. Two positive notes; they have stoats here apparently, and they have guinea pigs in their zoo.
  • Just because they name something ‘Mount $name’ does not mean it is a mountain. At least, not to me. The top of the tall mountain in Auckland peaks around 4,000 feet below my living room.
  • Sushi is weird here. So far, all I have seen are places that do takeaway (to-go), or have it pre-made in a glass display. Each piece is HUGE, and by that, I mean an absurd amount of rice.
  • Even their sinks are backwards. Cold on the left, hot on the right.
  • Many NZ girls apparently think Americans have sexy accents. Even those of us who have no discernible accent in the US (e.g., southern, Jersey, Texan).

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