Squirrel Art Bonanza!

When it rains, it pours. Or so goes the old saying. In this case, it has never rained before really. In the span of 4 weeks, I went from zero squirrel-themed art to having three unique pieces.

The first came in the form of a gift from Jane, who I am in a slow-played battle of one-upping on unique gifts. After my big box of pencils from all over the U.S., I figured she had admitted defeat. Oh no… six months later, dinner over Indian and bam. She had enlisted the help of our mutual friend Cassandra to draw this awesome squirrel, and had it printed out on canvas. Secret Squirrel has a whole new meaning.


The second came in the form of a gift from @diami03 and @tigerbeard. This artistic representation of squirrels is both fun and a tad creepy. If you notice the squirrel sitting up on the left, he has sizable testicles. He also has an awesome look of “WTF, look how awesome I am!”


The third came in the form of an interesting medium; a samurai squirrel on the page of an old dictionary, from Andrea Matwyshyn. This one was printed on the page beginning with ‘Printing Press’ which is happily coincidental.


Long story short, squirrel art galore! Thanks everyone =)

Box of Shit: Chris Sistrunk

After sending a glorious box of shit to Chris Sistrunk (@chrissistrunk), he decided to continue the fine tradition of such boxes and send one back to me.


First, let’s be clear, the bowl of peanuts was not in the box. Chris would never give up peanuts, as he loves feeding his numerous squirrels. Second, let’s be clear, that book is awesome. If you work in the Energy Sector and deal with it in any meaningful way, it is imperitive you pick up a copy of “SCADA and Me: A Book for Children and Management“. As we learn, “is SCADA in the cloud?” No, that would be stupid.

In the theme of animals, the box included a purple hippo that is no doubt hungry, an old fashioned QCat (I think someone in #303 was after that recently), and a PhishMe keyring.

In the sticker mess, a classic “What could possibly go wrong?” that doesn’t flip over to say “EVERYTHING”, a Mississippi Pint Raising one, Lazy Magnolia brewery, a starry ‘pwn’ one, and a fun warning sticker that will stop me from stealing copper cables while sober.

Pretty sure that King of Clubs is some hint to a passphrase to get into that Department of Homeland Security CSET CD. #kodez

The orange tape I can auction off on eBay for sure; who doesn’t want a Chipmunks tape?! I bet @KickFroggy will be the first to bid too.

Ear plugs, a box of Nerds, and a Camo Condom really make me wonder about Chris. Being from the deep south, pretty sure that is how he found the wife.

Along with the usual BoS staples like bottle caps, pens, and buttons, he sent two awesome USB dongle warning tabs that remind us that bad things can come on free USB sticks. Pretty sure for the irony value, he will send me a USB stick in a few weeks.

10 Greatest Squirrel Attacks of All Time

In the wake of the ‘Squirrel Power‘ article by Jon Mooallem who boldly proclaimedOH MY GOD, LOOK, I WROTE ABOUT POWER OUTAGES CAUSED BY SQUIRRELS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES“. I had to remind him that while awesome, he is not the first to warn people of this dastardly threat. In a presentation titled “Cyberwar: Not what we were expecting”, I outlined just how prevalent squirrel-based power outages are. I put forth the theory that squirrels are more of a threat than “cyberwar”.

In addition to routine power outages, squirrels are responsible for a variety of other mayhem. Here are the top 10 attacks of all time, which means the best I can find from ten minutes of Googling. Know of a good squirrel attack story? Post a comment with a link!

  1. Caused hundreds of gallons of raw sewage to be dumped into Mobile Bay, Alabama [USA Today] (thanks @isawitwritten)
  2. Squirrel responsible for Amtrak delays along Northeast corridor [NJ.com]
  3. “Kamikaze squirrel fell from the sky and detonated” a woman’s car in Bayonne, NJ [NJ.com]
  4. Caused up to 30,000 households to lose water, leading water department to issue a ‘boil water notice’ “to ensure that harmful bacteria and other microbes are destroyed.” [Star-Telegram]
  5. Took out half of Yahoo’s Santa Clara data center [Wired] [Youtube]
  6. Caused up to 560k Florida residents to live under “unprecedented 48 hour boil water notice” to “ensure the safety of their water.” [Tampa Bay Times]
  7. Burns a Romford, Essex man’s garage down, causing £20,000 worth of damage [METRO]
  8. Starts a fire that burns pastor’s home and 3 others in Florida [Huffington Post]
  9. Shut down a nuclear reactor from 100 percent power in Wolf Creek, Kansas [All Things Nuclear] (thanks @ChrisSistrunk)
  10. Broke into a truck causing $700 in damages [Anti-squirrel]

Remember, you can always follow @MylarSquirrel and @CyberSquirrel1 for more squirrel-related power outages and mayhem!

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