Dystopia Arrives

The dystopia genre has enjoyed a lot of attention the last decade with hits like The Hunger Games, Blade Runner 2049, and Automata as a few examples. To me, a dystopian film is set in the near future with a focus on society more than technology. In my late teens and early 20s I loved reading the cyberpunk genre which often was a dystopian view but also focused on technology as a carrier of the film, like the more recent Ready Player One does. So dystopian and cyberpunk often blend to me and is more about the focus and story that may set them apart.

One thing common in dystopian movies is the breakdown of society, typically at the hands of a tyrannical government that does not see all citizens as equal. In The Hunger Games, society was segregated into districts that enjoyed more or less comfort. Soldiers from the capitol enforced the rules and made sure that impoverished districts stayed that way while demanding their citizens provide resources and play in games to the death, for the entertainment of the wealthy. Even the trip to the capitol in a train showed the gap with extensive platters of food, the likes of which some contestants had never seen in their life. Their homes were in a district surrounded by fences with the penalty of death for escaping. Medical care was basically non-existent in some districts and there was no way to challenge the system as democracy and voting were a thing of the past.

Similar elements can be seen in many movies including Equilibrium, Divergent, Elysium, Code 8, and the classic Fahrenheit 451 which was recently remade. We see aspects of these fictional societies in our own and it makes the movies more compelling.

We see governments becoming more authoritarian, the wealth gap widen, and millions of people being left behind. Little bits here and there keep adding up and we don’t notice the slow boil until it is too late. But I have to wonder, when does our own society reach the point that it can be considered dystopian?

I think dystopia has arrived.

During the last year, the political climate has reached critical levels as tens of millions have become disenfranchised in one manner or another. With COVID-19 devastating the entire world, even so-called “first-world” countries like the United States have seen record levels of unemployment, over-burdened food banks, over-populated prisons rocked by the pandemic, disenfranchised voters waiting half a day to vote, hospitals over capacity and turning away patients, freezer trucks used as temporary morgues due to overflow, and record levels of eviction and unhoused families. I can’t think of a book or movie that portrays it, but the “homeless sweeps” enacted in many cities are straight out of a dystopian nightmare.

The rapidly growing ad-hoc homeless encampments we see in cities are growing steadily which can increase risk to residents and businesses. Home-owners perceive their risk of becoming a victim of crime increasing and lobby to have them removed from their neighborhood. As the homeless are forced to live in tents set up in the right-of-way in front of half a million dollar homes, resentment grows. If this continues we will see a boiling point happen and there might be a homeless uprising. What do they have to lose? Jail or prison isn’t ideal by any means but it does give them shelter and food which are jeopardized every day.

Protests rocked the United States leading many cities to have government buildings and businesses boarding up windows, hiring security, while many are going out of business as the uncontrolled pandemic ravages communities. We’ve seen more fences going up in protest areas, around public space, and even around police stations.

The central element to dystopian literature and film is the tyrannical government that looks out for the upper class and has little to no concern for the rest of society. That can certainly be increasingly seen in U.S. politics the last decade and even now, congress is arguing about giving citizens a $2000 stimulus after struggling to pass a $600 payment. Meanwhile the bills are bundled with other legislation and proposals that do everything but help citizens. As certain elements of the government seek to consolidate power the level of resentment and protest increases significantly, as we saw. This has led to stand-offs and clashes between angry tax-payers and disreputable police.

This becomes cyclical as protesters become more organized and police become more militarized. The methods of law enforcement began blending with military tactics long ago and in many cases local police have become almost indistinguishable from soldiers. Police departments have been purchasing military equipment for years, giving them both offensive and defensive gear including vehicles that are overkill.

Even without gear that is considerably overpowered, police departments have the outward appearance of not taking their oaths to heart. Thousands of videos of incidents in which police used excessive force on protesters and journalists flooded Twitter in 2020. The disproportionate and indiscriminate killing of minorities have added a level of anger and contempt we haven’t seen before. Demands range from simple reform to accountability changes to the total abolition of police departments.

Think about your favorite dystopian book or movie and what aspects of that society make it dystopian in the first place. Compare those same attributes to what we have seen in the United States in the last twelve months. When you do, you might reach the same conclusion that our society has crossed the line and we live in the dystopia we have paid to enjoy through fiction until now.

So again, I think dystopia has arrived.

Photos: Presidential Race Called / Denver Celebration

I woke up this morning to the presidential race being called in favor of Joe Biden and started watching live feeds from around the country. After checking the Denver Channel 7 news feed from the helicopter I saw there were quite a few people at the capitol celebrating. Since I am fairly close I decided to walk down and experience it in person. The following pictures were taken on a Samsung Galaxy 8, so pardon the low quality. =)

First, it was a beautiful day and reached 76 days with the nice fall air. The news chopper as well as Denver Police Air 1 were circling above, as well as two small drones and a few birds. While watching the feed earlier it was interesting that a dozen Trump supporters were present, sectioned off with police tape. There were three lines of police separating them from the hundreds of Biden/Harris supporters. By the time I got there the police were already leaving the area despite a handful of Trump supporters remaining.

The police had blocked off around ten blocks to prevent traffic on three sides of the capitol as well as the Civic Center. This is obviously good for safety and worth it in the big picture, even if an inconvenience to local traffic. The empty roads in the middle of a busy city always fascinate me.

A few of the lingering Trump supporters stuck around having a discussion about politics which was encouraging to see. One supporter stood in the middle of those celebrating with a Trump Train flag as a cape and was joined shortly after by someone wearing all black and camouflage. Biden supporters asked him what his purpose was in demonstrating like that and he would not answer. I later noticed the flag-caped supporter getting into a car with a purple heart license plate confirming my hunch he was ex-military.

The Biden/Harris supporters that showed up were truly happy and celebrating the morning’s news. At one point a truck playing music for the crowd spurred a hundred people to do the electric slide.

Even with a few lingering Trump supporters, the crowd ignored them and just enjoyed themselves. After several hours at the capitol the group started marching into downtown and I headed home.

Regardless of your politics, I hope you appreciate that our country desperately needs to heal.

CNN, the TSA, and the ‘Theatre’ of Terrorism

News flash from CNN a few minutes ago:

Terrorists may try to hide explosives in toothpaste or cosmetics tubes, U.S. warns airlines flying into Russia.

A law enforcement source said the warning is based on new information and added that there is no known threat to the United States.

Wait a minute! For ten years now, Americans have had to limit toothpaste and other toiletries in their carry-on bags. Why exactly did we have to do that? If there is “no known threat to the United States” today, then why isn’t this silly restriction lifted? The original cause of this restriction was a hypothetical scenario from a consultant or academic I bet, not known cases of this being used. Even now, if we banned all toiletries including toothpaste, it would be trivial to sneak a significant amount of gel onto a plane.

Further, are they really saying that terrorists would be flying into Russia, via the U.S.? Come on, geopolitics 101 says that is absurd when there is more than a fair share of terrorists already living in proximity to Russia that would not require air travel.

Not only do we live under silly policies that enforce the illusion of anti-terrorism, but we are constantly reminded of how absurd they are. Yet, we still can’t manage to get rid of them and use tactics that have a long track record of actually working.

Are we so desperate?

The current state of U.S. politics is beyond dismal and entirely depressing. Our society only follows the corporate controlled ‘news’ channels that stump for their party-of-choice. Our congress is laughably ineffective in doing their job. The bi-partisan House/Senate can’t agree on anything, and little gets done in the pathetic number of days these overpaid politicians get paid to work.

Long ago, I told people that I would never vote for anyone that wants to be elected for a given office. If John Doe is running for President, I will not vote for him. He wants that position for a reason, and it isn’t his altruistic nature. The money, the power, and the fame drive people to politics. Even the no-name positions that we don’t care about, they are stepping stones for bigger offices.

The last few weeks remind me of why I will never vote for someone who wants office. They also remind me that our political system is full of manipulative unethical criminals, and little more.

Do you remember Eliot “Client 9” Spitzer, then Governor of New York was caught in a prostitution ring? As the Daily Show notes, he is now very forthcoming about his past. Of course, when he was caught soliciting prostitutes, that led him to now admit he didn’t maintain the ethical standards expected of him and led to his resignation.

Do you remember New York representative Anthony Weiner getting caught sending pictures of his penis to a female via Twitter? When challenged, he lied and claimed his account was ‘hacked’. Ultimately, because of his lies and unethical behavior, he resigned in the wake of the scandal.

Disagraced politicians, a dime a dozen these days. The number of anti-gay Republicans caught in homosexual encounters is enough to fill a blog. The amount of peace-loving anti-big-government Democrats that don’t support everything they claim to support could fill another blog. [Insert sentence about third political party going against their claims… oh wait.]

So jump forward to 2013. The U.S. population is around 313.9 million people. Are we so strapped for people that want to hold office, that we would actually consider someone who has already proven they do not have the ethical merit in recent years? Apparently, we are. Is it the fact that the oath many take simply says to uphold the Constitution, which most of them have a history of going against, and does not say to be an unethical lying slimeball jackass? Does that absolve them of their past transgressions, and make them justified and righteous in the public’s eye? Apparently, it does.

Eliot “Client 9” Spitzer is running for office again. Insult to injury? Spitzer has not “filed an ethics report on time with the city Conflicts of Interest Board.” If that wasn’t bad enough, and apparently it isn’t, Spitzer’s primary competitor is Kristin Davis. Who is that you ask? According to her, the leader of the escort service that supplied Spitzer with the prostitutes. Personally, I think she is telling the truth. After all, why would you lie about that going into politics?

Anthony “show my junk on Twitter” Weiner is also running for office again.

Remember Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who lied about his extramarital affair, claiming he was hiking in the mountains? Yeah, he is back, and running again too.

So again, I have to ask. Are we so desperate for politicians that we’d happily take these unethical assholes back and let them hold public office? Apparently so. Some of them are ahead in the polls already.

If you ever wonder why I don’t vote, remember this. If someone wants political office, I don’t want them. If someone has proven themselves unethical, I don’t want them. Until I see an election between two relatively honest and ethical people, then I refuse to vote. In doing so, I do not give up my right to complain about the election or outcome. Telling me I have to vote for one of two lying assholes to ‘gain’ the right to complain, means you don’t understand what our country was founded on.

At this point, I will happily accept the Harrison Bergeron model of politics.


America; Not a Country, a Business

I watched “Killing Them Softly” a week or two ago. The movie got bad reviews, and I see why. All the right intentions, good cast, just fell short in many ways.

The best part of the movie, comes in the last few lines delivered by Brad Pitt, after killing three people the previous 24 hours and arguing over the pay owed to him.

I’m living in America, and in America, you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s just a business.

At some point during the last decade, I think society has become numb to how true this is. Lobbying congress is a multi-million-dollar industry. Corporations are people. PACs dominate unlimited anonymous spending to influence those in power. Companies use tax loopholes to pay pennies on the dollar, if anything at all.

Corporations and retail outlets are light years ahead of where the average consumer understands. Psychologists and lawyers are a stronger presence in marketing than anything else. Our laws are plagued with crafty wording that can be selectively abused, where crude oil is conveniently labeled as “diluted bitumen” so billion dollar companies don’t pay the same taxes, nor are they required to pay to clean up the mess they make. And it doesn’t matter that said company already admitted it was heavy crude.

We continue to spend staggering amounts on wars we can’t win; whether it is the war on drugs, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Terror doesn’t matter. Try to truly grasp those numbers and understand that war is an industry, and friends or family of our elected leaders profit heavily off these wars.

Meanwhile, our country lags in education, has millions in poverty or face hunger, maintains the biggest disparity in distributed wealth, and imprisons more people than any other country.

Our country is a business, and profit trumps all else. Until that changes, we are doomed to failure.

The Madness after the Boston Madness

The last few days have once again shown how utterly ridiculous parts of our society are. In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, we saw news outlets fumble over themselves, eager to announce the next terror, while feigning disgust. Another device found! A controlled detonation! No, a fire! CNN led the way in pathetic reporting. A timeline of CNN’s inept coverage is as amusing as it is disgusting. A Fox news affiliate is a definite runner up, naming one suspect Zooey Deschanel instead of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. No wonder hundreds of thousands listened to the Boston Police radio live feed and took to Twitter for faster, and more reliable updates.

Of course, pundits, armchair experts, and every dimwit around lent their own conspiracy theories, further blurring facts and needlessly enraging sheeple that want to believe.

While the police response to this tragedy was certainly swift, I can’t help but think how premature everyone involved seems to be. The Boston Police tweeted that the terror is over after taking a second suspect alive:

CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.

President Obama went on national television to remind us that such statements are premature, saying that “a chapter” in this tragedy was closed, but the investigation is ongoing. How can the Boston Police, who were unable to question one suspect, and have not had a chance to question the second, know that they were the only two involved? What if the two suspects are part of a larger group, with active members still out there ready to do harm?

How far does this have to go before society collectively realizes the madness we’ve descended into? At what point does the rational side kick in and make the masses aware of how pointless and counterproductive the response has been? Unfortunately, I know the answer to these questions, as the response from society to any and every tragedy has steadily gotten worse. With that follows knee-jerk responses from all walks of life, especially lawmakers.

The frustration of seeing society spiral downward, while being powerless to effect change, is maddening.

Stand Your Ground

The night started with a loud voice from outside, echoing between the buildings. Couldn’t see
anyone from any window but it was definitely very close. Since it couldn’t be from the balcony
or parking lot, and wasn’t the courtyard in the next building or mine, it had to be someone between the buildings but near the alley. I went out the front door and looked over the edge and saw someone. He was loud, sounded intoxicated or under the influence. He mentioned crack cocaine in his ramblings so i called
non-emergency police. Yes, someone who used to do bad things and avoid cops like the plague is the one calling them these days. That ‘neighborhood watch’ sign warns you about me in these parts. If you are
going to do bad things, don’t be so fucking obvious please.

Last time it was a drunk shouting at the top of his lungs in the parking lot. I called non-emergency and Denver District 6 rolled up in under 2 minutes, questioned him, ran his info and arrested him (warrants i assume). Tonight, DD6 rolled up in about two minutes, the officer approached the perp and told him to be
cool, saw me up above on courtyard level and asked me where the 2nd guy was. I told him if there wasn’t
a 2nd, he had been talking to himself all night.

I feel bad because for the most part, he wasn’t doing harm. He was loud, he was on private property
and he was talking about illegal activity. Any one of those things wouldn’t have been bad, but after hours of that, why should the tenants suffer? When the officer walked up, the perp was immediately worried and scared of going to jail. Even with the officer talking to me a floor above, the perp didn’t seem to realize I was there or why the officer showed up. When I realized he had been talking to himself and not someone that was out of sight, all I could think of was how the system has failed. Without getting into some huge political rant, why do we spend billions on overseas aid packages and wars when we have so many problems at home. I would have rather gone down there and given him a warm meal and an old shirt rather than call the police, but the state of society just makes that too risky. It’s really sad.

While the officer searched him and secured him, I started to back away so that the perp couldn’t see me. I realized quickly, “wtf”. I live here, this is my home. Why should I be afraid of him or anyone else that doesn’t belong. I know good people get hurt by bad people for just that sort of thing, but the principle is sound. The good guys shouldn’t have to hide, they shouldn’t have to run. I stepped forward against the gate and answered the officer’s questions loudly, daring the perp to look up at me. I know the law doesn’t favor my position, but if someone commits a crime on or near my property and I report it, if they come back for any form of retaliation it should really be open season on shitheads. Not only should I be able to defend myself, but the fact that if they came back to attempt to intimidate or hurt a good citizen should give me license to put my boot on their throat or drill them with a legally owned and licensed gun.

I know, too many douche bags that don’t have the ability to rationalize and get through that process without serious bias, that turns them into would-be vigilantes that ultimately kill their neighbor on accident or find a random perp miles from home to unload on. But like the one-off dangerous misdemeanor criminal that might come back on a witness, the over-zealous vigilante is similarly the one-off. Until that changes, the good guy can only stand up for their home and their rights.

#138: The BATF

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. As such, the date on this blog is not exact but I will try to use a date as close as possible.]

The following taken from The Course: The Journal of the Second American Revolution. I encourage you to read it. If you need a copy or need to know where you can get it, mail me.


Heavy-handed raids and abuses against law-abiding citizens, harassment of gun dealers, and the illegal computerization of out-of-business FFL dealer records are hallmarks of this rogue federal agency.

Ask Harry and Theresa Lumplugh. This past Summer, 15 to 20 armed men burst into their rural Pennsylvania home. The family cooperates — opening safes, handing over papers — but cooperation doesn’t ease the intruders’ wrath. One holds a submachine gun in their faces. Another utters a racial slur. One empties vial after vial of cancer medicine and crushes it on the bathroom floor. Another stomps a pet cat to death.

Who are these intruders?

Ask 21-year old Monique Montgomery. Four masked men break into her bedroom at four in the morning. The glaring lights and the timing of the hit are meant to maximize Monique’s disorientation as she wakes from a deep sleep. And wake she does, pulling a gun for self-defense, but the intruders already have their guns drawn and let her have it — four shots, four direct hits.

Who are these intruders?

Ask Louie Katona II of Ohio — successful businessman, civic leader, part-time cop, family man, model American. One intruder pushes wife Kimberly against a wall. Kimberly begins bleeding and later miscarries.

Who are these armed terrorists?

Not a gang of neighborhood toughs. They’re agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the incidents described above are not exceptions, but recent examples of the brute force of unchecked, renegade federal power. Who are the victims? People who’ve broken no law, in homes where nothing illegal is found.

The terror often comes at the hands of BATF agents clad in ninja blacks, but the terror doesn’t stop there. Even the desk jockeys in the licensing part of the agency get in their licks.

Bend to BATF’s politics — or get broken.

BATF visits Randy Engelken, a gun-store owner in Seneca, Kansas, and photocopies any transaction record involving the purchase of military-style semi-automatic firearms. Why just those firearms? The agent comments on Randy’s political activism — namely his vocal opposition to U.S. Rep. Jim Slattery (defeated last fall). In a style that would make the KGB proud, the BATF agent tells Randy: “If you don’t lay off Congressman Slattery, you wont have a firearms license.”

Surrender your license — or surrender your reputation.

BATF is committed to driving down the number of Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders to drive down lawful gun ownership. And they’ll do it any way they can. A typical case: BATF raises the zoning issue by contacting a Pennsylvania township directly, informing officials that a resident with an FFL is conducting retail sales in the township. BATF also speaks directly with a supplier to the dealer, suggesting that the dealer was lying about being a federal agent. The agent also goes to the dealer’s supervisor, demeaning his reputation. In fact, no crime was committed by the dealer — who was and remains a special agent with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) — a law enforcement professional with 25 years experience.

They ban whatever they can — whenever they can.

Ignore the fine print in the ’94 Clinton Gun Ban that some firearms are “protected,” because BATF ignores it. Forget the fact that the 1860 Henry lever-action was listed as protected, because, for months, BATF banned it’s importation — considering the cowboy rifle an “assault weapon.”

And now they’ve got your name — and your number!

On February 15, 1995, at a hearing of the House Appropriation Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government, officials of the Treasury Department and BATF admitted that all the records of firearms transactions between U.S. citizens and out-of-business dealers are being entered into a centralized registration system under the control of BATF. Throughout history, registration has always been a precursor to harassment, a stepping stone to gun confiscation. Recognizing this, the U.S. Congress has spoken clearly and distinctly over the last three decades: no money, no people and no administrative expenses can ever be used to register firearms, firearms owners or firearm transactions. Period.

But BATF is not listening. They’re copying, collating and computerizing (see Knox’s Notebook, P14) — while their agents in the field are harassing, intimidating and hurting honest citizens.

It must stop — and it can! Call your U.S. representative and U.S. senators at (202)224-3121, and do it now. Tell them it’s time to either abolish this rogue agency — or take immediate steps to (1) regain control, (2) expose and prosecute government agents and officials guilty of civil rights abuses and (3) institute strict policies and oversight to insure that the Bill of Rights is honored, not condemned.

Time For Congress to Rein in BATF
American Rifleman
April 1995
Reprinted without permission (But I don’t think they will mind)


Just after dawn on September 5, 1991 some sixty agents from the DEA, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), and National Guard, complete with painted faces and camouflage and accompanied by another twenty or more National Guard troops with a light armored vehicle, raided the homes of Sina Brush and two of her neighbors near Montainair, New Mexico. Brush and her daughter were still asleep. Hearing noises outside, Ms. Brush got up and was only halfway across the room, when the door was kicked in by the agents. Clad only in their underwear, Ms. Brush and her daughter were handcuffed and forced to kneel in the middle of the room while the agents searched the house. No drugs were found. Just as in the Carlson case, the police had obtained a warrant using information furnished by an unreliable informant and had entered Brush’s home without knocking first.


This most notorious case has stunned the sensibilities of millions of Americans. According to The Wall Street Journal, “…the BATF showed up at the Davidian compound with two cattle trucks full of agents in battle gear and a plan for ‘dynamic entry’.” The siege that followed the initial assault included terrifying, psychological warfare tactics and ended when a second attack, utilizing tanks and gas, led to conflagration. “Weird cultists” (your words)? Some of the adults, but certainly not the children.

For two years now, thousands of calls and letters of outrage have been received by government, the media and yes, the NRA. The cries of “thugs”, “Nazi” and “storm trooper” came first, not from the NRA, but from the minds and mouths of Americans describing what they had seen on television.


This debacle at Ruby Ridge continues to fan a seething backlash in the country. A fourteen year old boy was shot in the back and killed. A mother was shot by a sniper in the head and killed while holding a baby. A jury found BATF guilty of entrapment and the defendant was acquitted. How does it all add up to justifiable behavior by, once again, black shrouded forces with armored personnel carriers, helicopters and snipers all arrayed against a family in a cabin? Hundreds of good people have told me that scene reminds them of what this country once fought against and should never stand for.


Janice Hart pulled up to her house from grocery shopping with her daughters to find her house being ransacked by ATF agents who had kicked in the door. Agents searched her home, throwing dishes, pulling clothing from hangers and emptying drawers on the floor (she photographed the damage). Some eight ATF agents interrogated her in the basement for an hour before reading her rights. She asked to call an attorney and the agents refused. When they finally asked her if she was Janice Marie Harrell, she told them no, that she was Janice Hart. ATF agents mocked her, accused her of selling firearms and cocaine, then arrested her. The Portland Police, who she commended for their professional demeanor, took her downtown for booking and, within thirty seconds of fingerprinting her, realized ATF
had the wrong person.


Louis Katona is a police officer in Bucyrus, Ohio. When shouting and cursing BATF agents rushed into his home to seize his firearms collection, they grabbed his pregnant wife, Kim, and shoved her into a wall. Within days, she suffered a miscarriage. A federal judge threw the government’s case out of court and ordered BATF to immediately return Mr. Katona’s guns or face jail themselves. The Katonas are presently pressing civil charges against BATF.

The above incidents are true. For more information, read The Course.


All of the following stories and much more can be found in the July, 1993, issue of The Freeman.

1) In 1990 in California, dozens of legitimate agricultural supply houses and mail order businesses were seized because the DEA claimed they might have unwittingly sold supplies to marijuana growers. Both the DEA and California courts considered the merchants’ lack of control over how their grow lights and fertilizer might be used to be irrelevant.

2) In December, 1988, Detroit police raided a grocery store to make a drug arrest, but failed to find any drugs. After police dogs reacted to three $1 bills in the cash register, the police seized the entire contents of the cash register and a store safe totaling $4,384. No charge was ever made.

3) In 1989, police stopped 49 year-old Ethel Hylton at the Houston airport and told her she was under arrest because a drug dog had scratched at her luggage. Agents searched her bags and strip-searched her, but they found no drugs. They did find $39,110 in cash that she had received from an insurance settlement and from her life savings. Ethyl Hilton completely documented where she got the money and was never charged with a crime. The police kept her money anyway. As far as I know, she still hasn’t gotten it back.

4) Willie Jones owned a small landscaping business in Nashville. When he paid cash for an airline ticket, the ticket agent acted strangely. Ten minutes later, drug agents stopped and searched him. They found $9,600 in cash, which he was planning to use to buy plants for his business. He explained that he paid in cash because that was the way the growers wanted it. That didn’t stop the agents from taking his money. Willie Jones was never charged with any crime.

5) Dr. Jonathan Wright operated the Takoma Medical Clinic in Kent, Washington. On May 6, 1992, two dozen armed FDA agents broke down the door and held the 15-person staff, mostly women, at gunpoint for 14 hours while they ransacked the clinic. The FDA seized Dr. Wright’s books, laboratory equipment, supplies, patient records, reference books, and computers. The raid was part of the FDA’s crackdown on nutritional therapists. No one was charged with a crime.

6) In 1992, heavily armed men burst into a house in Oakdale, CA, and pinned 64-year-old retired ranch foreman William Hauselmann to the floor, bruising his back and cutting his face. They also held his 61-year-old wife at gunpoint on the bathroom floor while they ransacked the house. They were acting on a tip that they admitted “proved to be 180 degrees wrong.”

7) On August 25, 1992, the US Customs Service and DEA raided the house of Donald Carlson. Without announcing who they were, they began battering down the door. Carlson awoke and thought he was being robbed, so he armed himself. The agents smashed down the door and lobbed a concussion grenade. There was an exchange of fire, Carson was hit 3 times, and he spent six weeks hooked to a ventilator in intensive care. The agents found no drugs. They had been acting on a tip from an informant known only as “Ron” who had been kicked out of an anti-drug program because his reports lacked truthfulness.

8) On October 2, 1992, a drug task force composed of LA police, sheriff’s deputies, DEA, National Park personnel, and National Guard troops burst into the home of Donald Scott and shot him dead. The agents said they were looking for marijuana, but found none. The following March 30, the Ventura County District Attorney released a report disclosing that the real reason for the raid was because the government wanted Scott’s 200-acre ranch as part of its expansion plans for the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. Scott had refused to sell, so they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The ranch was seized under federal forfeiture laws.


Its time for change in this country. For those that believe the government controls the agencies under it, think again. Rogue agencies do exist. MIBs (Men in Black) do exist. No one truly holds their leash.

special thanks to: Will Spencer aka Voyager